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Project UP-START, A Program to Assist Students in Unstable Housing

Project UP-START, under the Department of Title I Administration, is the Education Program for Children and Youth Living in Transition in Miami-Dade. The program assists schools with the identification, enrollment and attendance of students in transition to help ensure their successful academic achievement. The core of the program is to prevent children and youth in transition from being stigmatized, separated, segregated, or isolated.


To obtain more information about Project Up Start please click on link to watch a video



To reach Project Up-Start please use this link


Each year families are asked to complete the Project Up-Start Student Eligibility Questionnaire.  Please click on link below to complete the form.  This form is used to determine eligibility for the Project-Up Start services


Form can be completed electronically and must be emailed to projectupstart@dadeschools.net 

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